Girl Names That End with an E Sound

girl names that end with an e sound

When selecting a name for your newborn daughter, you want something that both sounds beautiful and has special significance. Names ending in “e” have an inherently elegant and melodious quality to them that many find appealing. We have put together here an assortment of girl names that end with an “e” sound, each offering something different in terms of charm or significance. Whether classic picks from different cultures are your preferred style! Here you are sure to find inspiration!

Why Names Ending with an “E” Sound Are Popular

Names that conclude with an “e” sound are favored for various reasons. The gentle and flowing sound lends a certain musicality to the name.

Moreover, these names often have a classic and elegant feel that appeals to many parents. The popularity of names ending in “e” can also be attributed to their versatility, as they seamlessly complement a wide range of first syllables.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Name

  • Consider the name’s meaning and significance.
  • Pay attention to how the name pairs with the last name.
  • Say the name out loud to check for rhythm and flow.

Embrace the Elegance: Exploring Girl Names That End with an E Sound

Choosing a name that ends with the soft and enchanting “e” sound opens up a world of possibilities. These names have an inherent ability to capture attention and roll off the tongue with a captivating cadence.

Whether you’re drawn to classic names or prefer something more modern, there’s a perfect “e”-ending name waiting to steal your heart.

Classic Girl Names with “E” Endings

NameGenderReligionOriginMeaningPopularityPronunciationTrend Category
IsabelleFemaleChristianFrenchDevoted to GodPopulari-za-BELLTimeless Classic
CharlotteFemaleChristianFrenchFree womanVery PopularSHAR-luhtTimeless Classic
GraceFemaleChristianLatinCharm, elegancePopulargrayssTimeless Classic
SophieFemaleChristianGreekWisdomPopularSO-feeTimeless Classic
RoseFemaleChristianLatinFlowerPopularrohzTimeless Classic
AliceFemaleChristianGermanicNoble, kindPopularAL-isTimeless Classic
CatherineFemaleChristianGreekPure, clearPopularKATH-rinTimeless Classic
JosephineFemaleChristianFrenchGod will addPopularJO-suh-feenTimeless Classic
FlorenceFemaleChristianLatinFlourishing, prosperousLess PopularFLAWR-uhnsVintage Revival
ElaineFemaleChristianOld FrenchBright, shiningLess Populareh-LAYNVintage Revival
GenevieveFemaleChristianFrenchTribe womanLess PopularJEN-uh-veevVintage Revival
LouiseFemaleChristianGermanicFamous warriorLess Popularloo-EESVintage Revival
ElaineFemaleChristianOld FrenchBright, shiningLess Populareh-LAYNVintage Revival
CelesteFemaleChristianLatinHeavenlyLess Popularsuh-LESTVintage Revival
MarieFemaleChristianHebrewBitter, belovedPopularmuh-REETimeless Classic
JacquelineFemaleChristianFrenchSupplanterLess PopularJAK-linVintage Revival
BernadetteFemaleChristianFrenchBrave as a bearLess Popularber-nuh-DETVintage Revival
ReneeFemaleChristianFrenchRebornLess Popularre-NAYVintage Revival
BeatriceFemaleChristianLatinBringer of joyLess PopularBEE-uh-trisVintage Revival
EdithFemaleChristianOld EnglishProsperous in warLess PopularEE-dithVintage Revival
ElaineFemaleChristianOld FrenchBright, shiningLess Populareh-LAYNVintage Revival

Modern and Trendy “E”-Ending Names

NameGenderReligionOriginMeaningPopularityPronunciationTrend Category
AveryFemaleAnyEnglishElf rulerVery PopularAY-vuh-reeModern and Trendy
RileyFemaleAnyIrishCourageous, valiantVery PopularRYE-leeModern and Trendy
ZoeFemaleAnyGreekLifeVery PopularZOH-eeModern and Trendy
HarperFemaleAnyEnglishHarp playerVery PopularHAR-perModern and Trendy
EllieFemaleAnyEnglishLightVery PopularEL-eeModern and Trendy
SadieFemaleAnyHebrewPrincessPopularSAY-deeModern and Trendy
EverlyFemaleAnyEnglishFrom the boar meadowPopularEV-er-leeModern and Trendy
RileyFemaleAnyIrishCourageous, valiantVery PopularRYE-leeModern and Trendy
SkylarFemaleAnyDutchProtection, shelterVery PopularSKY-larModern and Trendy
PaisleyFemaleAnyScottishChurchPopularPAYZ-leeModern and Trendy
HaileyFemaleAnyEnglishHay clearingPopularHAY-leeModern and Trendy
FinleyFemaleAnyIrishFair warriorPopularFIN-leeModern and Trendy
CharlieFemaleAnyEnglishFreePopularCHAR-leeModern and Trendy
AveryFemaleAnyEnglishElf rulerVery PopularAY-vuh-reeModern and Trendy
AubreyFemaleAnyEnglishElf rulerVery PopularAW-breeModern and Trendy
BaileyFemaleAnyEnglishBailiff, stewardPopularBAY-leeModern and Trendy
EmeryFemaleAnyGermanicIndustrious rulerPopularEM-uh-reeModern and Trendy
SawyerFemaleAnyEnglishWoodcutterPopularSAW-yerModern and Trendy
RemiFemaleAnyFrenchOarsmanPopularREH-meeModern and Trendy
MarleyFemaleAnyEnglishPleasant woodPopularMAR-leeModern and Trendy
EverleighFemaleAnyEnglishFrom the boar meadowPopularEV-er-leeModern and Trendy
SloaneFemaleAnyIrishWarriorPopularSLOHNModern and Trendy

Elegant European Names for Girls

NameGenderReligionOriginMeaningPopularityPronunciationTrend Category
AmelieFemaleChristianFrenchHardworkingPopularah-muh-LEEElegant European
ElenaFemaleChristianSpanishShining lightVery Populareh-LEH-nuhElegant European
AurelieFemaleChristianFrenchGoldenLess Popularow-ray-LEEElegant European
SophieFemaleChristianFrenchWisdomPopularSO-feeElegant European
CelesteFemaleChristianFrenchHeavenlyLess Popularsuh-LESTElegant European
EsmeFemaleChristianFrenchBelovedPopularez-mayElegant European
MarieFemaleChristianFrenchBitter, belovedPopularmuh-REEElegant European
EliseFemaleChristianFrenchPledged to GodPopularee-LEESElegant European
IsoldeFemaleChristianFrenchIce battleLess Popularee-ZOLDElegant European
EvangelineFemaleChristianGreekBearer of good newsLess Popularev-an-juh-LEENElegant European
BeatriceFemaleChristianItalianBringer of joyLess PopularBEE-uh-trisElegant European
FiorelleFemaleChristianItalianLittle flowerLess Popularfyoh-RELElegant European
OdetteFemaleChristianFrenchWealthLess Popularoh-DETElegant European
CamilleFemaleChristianFrenchPerfectPopularkah-MEELElegant European
ElodieFemaleChristianFrenchMarsh flowerLess Populareh-loh-DEEElegant European
IsabeauFemaleChristianFrenchPledged to GodLess Popularee-za-BOHElegant European
OphelieFemaleChristianFrenchHelpLess Popularoh-FAY-leeElegant European
LeonieFemaleChristianGermanLionessLess Popularlay-oh-NEEElegant European
EleonoreFemaleChristianFrenchShining lightLess Popularel-ee-uh-NORElegant European
MargueriteFemaleChristianFrenchPearlLess Popularmar-guh-REETElegant European
LisetteFemaleChristianFrenchGod is my oathLess Popularlee-ZETElegant European

Cultural Diversity: “E” Ending Names from Around the World

NameGenderReligionOriginMeaningPopularityPronunciationTrend Category
AikoFemaleAnyJapaneseBeloved childLess Populareye-KOHCultural Diversity
SofieFemaleAnyScandinavianWisdomLess PopularSO-feeCultural Diversity
AyeletFemaleJewishHebrewDawnLess Popularah-yeh-LETCultural Diversity
FawneFemaleAnyFrenchYoung deerLess PopularfawnCultural Diversity
GiseleFemaleAnyFrenchPledge, oathLess Popularzhee-ZELCultural Diversity
AmaraFemaleAnyAfricanGracefulPopularah-MAH-rahCultural Diversity
SaharFemaleAnyPersianDawnLess Popularsah-HARCultural Diversity
MarjorieFemaleAnyEnglishPearlLess PopularMAR-jor-eeCultural Diversity
ZephyrineFemaleAnyGreekWest windLess PopularZEF-uh-reenCultural Diversity
MeiravFemaleJewishHebrewTo maximizeLess Popularmay-RAHVCultural Diversity
IsabeauFemaleChristianFrenchPledged to GodLess Popularee-za-BOHCultural Diversity
AnoukFemaleAnyDutchGraceLess Popularah-NOOKCultural Diversity
AyameFemaleAnyJapaneseIris flowerLess Popularah-YAH-mayCultural Diversity
KaveeshaFemaleHinduSanskritPoetessLess Popularka-VEE-shaCultural Diversity
ElianeFemaleAnyFrenchBright, shiningLess Popularel-ee-AHNCultural Diversity
ImaneFemaleMuslimArabicFaithLess Popularee-MAHNCultural Diversity
NouraneFemaleMuslimArabicLightLess Popularnoo-RAHNCultural Diversity
EleniFemaleChristianGreekLightLess Populareh-LEN-eeCultural Diversity
PriyadharshiniFemaleHinduSanskritDelightful and illuminatedLess Popularpree-ya-dar-SHEE-neeCultural Diversity
AdeliseFemaleAnyGermanicNobleLess PopularAD-uh-leezCultural Diversity
SolveigFemaleAnyScandinavianSun pathLess PopularSOHL-vayCultural Diversity

Unique Spellings and Variations Girl Names That End With “E” Sound

NameGenderReligionOriginMeaningPopularityPronunciationTrend Category
AimeeFemaleChristianFrenchBelovedLess Popularay-MEEUnique Variations
JayceUnisexAnyAmericanCombination of initialsVery PopularJAYSSUnique Variations
ZainUnisexMuslimArabicGracePopularZAYNUnique Variations
RayneUnisexAnyEnglishMighty or strong rainLess PopularraynUnique Variations
BlaiseUnisexAnyFrenchStuttererLess PopularblayssUnique Variations
JazelleFemaleAnyAmericanCombination of namesLess Popularjah-ZELUnique Variations
BraelynnFemaleAnyAmericanCombination of namesPopularBRAY-linUnique Variations
FinleeUnisexAnyAmericanFair-haired warriorLess PopularFIN-leeUnique Variations
ZephyrUnisexAnyGreekWest windLess PopularZEF-erUnique Variations
MaeveFemaleAnyIrishIntoxicatingPopularmayvUnique Variations
JaceUnisexAnyAmericanNickname for JasonVery PopularJAYSSUnique Variations
ReeseUnisexAnyWelshEnthusiasmPopularreeseUnique Variations
BrielleFemaleAnyAmericanCombination of namesPopularbree-ELUnique Variations
SkyleeUnisexAnyAmericanCombination of namesLess Popularsky-LEEUnique Variations
KaelUnisexAnyIrishSlenderLess PopularkaylUnique Variations
GrayeUnisexAnyEnglishGreyLess PopulargrayUnique Variations
KaseUnisexAnyAmericanVariant of CaseyLess PopularkayssUnique Variations
EmeryUnisexAnyGermanicIndustrious rulerPopularEM-uh-reeUnique Variations
JazleneFemaleAnyAmericanCombination of namesLess Popularjahz-LEENUnique Variations
DaxtonUnisexAnyAmericanVariant of DaxLess PopularDAKS-tuhnUnique Variations
BraileeFemaleAnyAmericanCombination of namesLess PopularBRAY-leeUnique Variations

The Joy of Choosing

Selecting the perfect name for your baby is a joyous endeavor. As you explore girl names that end with the gentle “e” sound, remember that each name carries a story.

A legacy waiting to be written. Let the name you choose be a reflection of your hopes and dreams for your little one.

A Name to Cherish

Your child’s name is a gift they will carry throughout their life journey. Girl names ending with the “e” sound offer a harmonious and memorable choice.

Whether you’re drawn to the classic allure, modern charm, nature’s beauty, or exotic mystique, these names hold the power to shape an identity that is uniquely beautiful.

A Name for a Lifetime

Your choice of name for your little girl will mark each stage in her journey through life. An introduction and part of who she will become as she continues life’s adventures.

When searching for names that end with “e”, trust your instincts and follow your heart. Each option offers something special! When embarking upon this naming adventure with passion and excitement.

Meanings Behind the “E” Ending

The “e” sound at the end of these names often signifies femininity, gentleness, and beauty. It adds a soft touch, making the name alluring and pleasing to the ear.

The Final Decision

Choosing a name involves considering not only the sound and meaning but also the emotional resonance it holds for you. As you explore the world of girl names that end with the “e” sound, take your time.

Imagine the name being called out on playgrounds, whispered in moments of comfort and celebrated in milestones. Your intuition will guide you to the name that feels just right.


Baby names ending in “e” sound offer an exquisite melody of baby name options for all cultures around the globe, making an impactful statement about who your daughter will become as she journeys through her life journey.

So go ahead, select something that speaks to you personally and adds an exquisite melody to her journey ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use “e” ending names for boys as well?

Absolutely! While these names are commonly associated with girls, some “e” ending names work wonderfully for boys too.

Do these names have specific meanings?

Many of these names carry meanings related to femininity, beauty, and other positive traits.

Are there cultural considerations when choosing these names?

Yes, some names have cultural or regional significance, so it’s worth researching before making a decision.

Are “e” ending names a recent trend?

No, these names have been cherished for generations, with both classic and contemporary options.

Where can I find more name inspiration?

You can explore baby name books, this website, and even family history for unique name ideas.

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