how to change a diaper

Place everything necessary within arm's reach for easy accessibility.

1. Clean diaper 2. Wipes or a damp cloth 3. Diaper cream (optional) 4. Changing pad or a clean, soft surface 5. Trash bag

Always begin by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Place your infant on his/her back on an approved changing pad or other flat, secure surface.

For babies wearing disposable or cloth diapers with Velcro or snap closures, unfasten them using caution as babies may wriggle out from under them.

Gently raise baby's bottom by holding onto their ankles and bending their knees toward their chest, to elevate their lower half slightly.

Carefully slide out the soiled diaper from under your baby and fold closed after adding any mess inside; or if using cloth diapers remove inserts/liners to put into a diaper pail for disposal.

Use baby wipes or a damp cloth to gently and thoroughly wash the baby's bottom from front to back if he or she is male, while girls should wipe from front to back in order to limit bacteria spread from front to back.

Be gentle yet thorough while cleaning all crevices and folds as required.

In case your baby experiences diaper rash or to prevent further outbreaks, apply a thin layer of diaper cream directly onto their bottom using manufacturer instructions for use.

Place a new, unwrinkled diaper underneath the baby, positioning its back end between the buttocks and legs for proper coverage.

For disposable diapers, fasten them with tabs or adhesive strips to secure them in place, cloth diapers must be folded up as necessary and secured accordingly.

Roll up and fasten any dirty diapers before placing them into a trash bag with used wipes - then seal tightly to ensure proper disposal.

Once done, take an additional step to maintain hygiene by washing your hands again to maintain hygiene standards.