10 Quick Steps on How to Fold Baby Clothes for Travel

Assemble baby clothes, a flat surface, and possibly a folding board for precision.

1. Gather Supplies

Group clothes by size to make folding and storing more organized.

2. Sort by Size

Ensure clothes are smooth and wrinkle-free before folding.

3. Smooth Out Wrinkles

Fold onesies lengthwise first, then fold them in thirds or halves depending on size.

4. Fold Onesies

Fold pants along the seams, and for bottoms like shorts, fold them in half or thirds.

5. Fold Pants and Bottoms

Fold baby tops by bringing sleeves to the back, then folding them in half or thirds.

6. Fold Tops

Pair socks and fold them together, and neatly organize accessories in a designated area.

7. Organize Socks and Accessories

Employ techniques like the KonMari method or Marie Kondo's vertical folding for efficient use of space.

8. Use Folding Techniques

Place folded clothes in drawers or baskets, organized by type and size.

9. Store in Drawers or Baskets

Regularly go through clothes, refold, and remove items that no longer fit to keep the baby's wardrobe tidy.

10. Maintain Regularly