10 Steps on How to Make a Diaper Cake

1. Gather Supplies: Collect diapers, rubber bands, a cake base, ribbon, decorative items, adhesive tape, and a cake board.

2. Roll the Diapers: Roll each diaper tightly and secure with rubber bands.

3. Create the Bottom Tier: Arrange rolled diapers in a circle on the cake base, securing them with a large rubber band.

4. Secure the Bottom Tier: Tie a ribbon tightly around the diapers to hold them together.

5. Repeat for Additional Tiers: Repeat the process for middle and top tiers, decreasing diaper count.

6. Stack the Tiers: Place smaller tiers on top of larger ones, securing them with tape or glue dots.

7. Decorate: Add ribbon, baby items, and a topper using tape or glue dots.

8. Place on Cake Board: Transfer the diaper cake to a sturdy cake board or serving platter.

9. Final Touches: Ensure everything is secure and make any final adjustments.

10. Present and Enjoy: Your diaper cake is ready to be presented as a creative and practical baby shower gift!

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